Gladiator (2000): Celebrating the Victory


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The clip celebrating the victory from Gladiator (2000) with Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix

Magnificent battle.
Still alive?
-Still alive.
The gods must have a sense of humor.
The gods must love you.
Back to barracks, General? Or to Rome?
Home. My wife, the son, the harvest.
Maximus the farmer. I still have difficulty imagining that.
You know, dirt cleans off a lot easier than blood, Quintus.
Here he is.
Senator Gaius, Senator Falco.
Beware of Gaius. He'll pour a honeyed potion in your ear and you'll wake up one day, and all you'll say is, " Republic, republic, republic."
Well, why not? Rome was founded as a republic.
Yes, and in a republic the senate has the power.
But Senator Gaius isn't influenced by that, of course.
Where do you stand, General? Emperor or senate?
The soldier has the advantage of being able to look his enemy in the eye, Senator.
Well, with an army behind you, you could be extremely political.
I warned you. Now I shall save you. Senators.
I'm going to need good men like you.
How may I be of service, Highness?
You're a man who knows what it is to command.
You give your orders, the orders are obeyed and the battle is won.
But these senators scheme and squabble and flatter and deceive.

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