Gladiator (2000): a Coup in the Making Part 60


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The clip a coup in the making Part 60 from Gladiator (2000) with Derek Jacobi, Oliver Reed

But we have little time.
Give me two days and I will buy your freedom.
And you-
You stay alive.
Or I'll be dead.
Now we must go.
It won't work.
The Emperor knows too much.
And as for me, it's becoming dangerous.
You will be paid on my return.
I give you my word.
Your word? What if you don't return?
Do you remember what it was to have trust, Proximo?
Who am I to trust?
I will kill Commodus.
Why would I want that?
He makes me rich.
Oh, l-
I know that you are a man of your word, General.
I know that you would die for honor.
You would die for Rome.
You would die for the memory of your ancestors.
But l, on the other hand-
I'm an entertainer.
Hmm? Guard!
He killed the man who set you free.

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