Gladiator (2000): a Coup in the Making


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The clip a coup in the making from Gladiator (2000) with Connie Nielsen, Derek Jacobi

Leave us.
Senator Gracchus.
I hope my coming here today is evidence enough that you can trust me.
The senate is with you?
The senate?
Yes. I can speak for them.
You can buy my freedom and smuggle me out of Rome?
To what end?
Get me outside the city walls.
Have fresh horses ready to take me to Ostia. My army's encamped there.
By nightfall of the second day, I shall return at the head of5,000 men.
But the legions all have new commanders loyal to Commodus.
Let my men see me alive, and you shall see where their loyalties lie.
This is madness.
No Roman army has entered the capital in a hundred years.
I will not trade one dictatorship for another!
The time for half-measures and talk is over, Senator.
And after your glorious coup, what then?
You'll take your 5,000 warriors and leave?
I will leave.
The soldiers will stay for your protection, under the command of the senate.
So, once all of Rome is yours, you'll just give it back to the people?
Tell me why.
Because that was the last wish of a dying man.
I will kill Commodus.

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