Gladiator (2000): Paying a Visit


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The clip paying a visit from Gladiator (2000) with Connie Nielsen, Russell Crowe

This way!
Rich matrons pay well to be pleasured by the bravest champions.
I knew your brother would send assassins.
I didn't realize he would send his best.
Maximus, he doesn't know.
My family was burned and crucified while they were still alive.
I knew nothing-
Don't lie to me!
I wept for them.
As you wept for your father?
As you wept for your father?
I have been living in a prison of fear since that day.
To be unable to mourn your father for fear of your brother.
To live in terror every moment of every day because your son is heir to the throne.
Oh, I have wept.
My son was innocent.
So is mine.
Must my son die, too, before you will trust me?
What does it matter if I trust you or not?
The gods have spared you. Don't you understand?
Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the emperor of Rome.
The gods have spared me?

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