Gladiator (2000): a Coup in the Making Part 48


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The clip a coup in the making Part 48 from Gladiator (2000) with Connie Nielsen, Joaquin Phoenix

Why is he still alive?
I don't know.
He shouldn't be alive.
It vexes me.
I'm terribly vexed.
I did what I had to do.
If Father had had his way, the empire would have been torn apart.
You do see that?
What did you feel... when you saw him?
I felt nothing.
He wounded you deeply, didn't he?
No more than I wounded him.
They lied to me in Germania.
They told me he was dead.
If they lie to me, they don't respect me.
If they don't respect me, how can they ever love me?
Then you must let the legions know their treachery will not go unpunished.
Poor sister, I wouldn't want to be your enemy.
What will you do?
This way!

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