To Hell and Back (1955): Bar Fight Part 2


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The clip bar fight Part 2 from To Hell and Back (1955)

All right, all right!
If he started it, how come you were mixed up with the Air Corps?
"Mixed up with the Air Corps"? Why, they're our pals! Yeah.
That's right. We've been sittin' here drinking.
After he started the trouble, we were so anxious to stay out of it,
we all headed for the door at the same time and got tangled up.
Don't let it happen again. Grazia.
Man, that's what I call a real joint operation!
Drinks on the house!
I can't find my hat.!
Seven and three-quarters!
No, I don't think so. Come here, baby.
He doesn't understand women.
She reminds me of an old gal I knew back home.
She was a real beaut. Comes up to me in a U.S.O. Club in Nashville.
Takes me ridin' in a yellow roadster.
We hit a curve doin' 65 miles an hour...
and the cops take after us.
Says she, "Don't... "
"Don't say a word while I lay the charm on these boys. "

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