To Hell and Back (1955): Chief's Grief


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The clip chief's grief from To Hell and Back (1955)

Kovak was sure a good soldier.
You'd have thought he was fightin' a holy war. Maybe he was.
Are you nuts? What did he have to save?
Not even a citizen. His whole family liquidated in Poland.
Then maybe he didn't mind dyin'.
Maybe that's what fightin' for a cause means.
Something none of us really understands.
Look what I found! A stove! Now we can have some coffee!
Takes a new guy to take care of you fellows.
Wait a minute!
Let him alone! You expect me to take that kind of stuff?
What's the matter with him? You'll find out... sometime.
Sarge, can you hear that clanking noise out there?
Yes, sir, Jerry was sure nice to let us borrow the house from him for the night.

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