To Hell and Back (1955): Finally Advancing Forward


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The clip finally advancing forward from To Hell and Back (1955)

Hey, Murph, looks like you'll be up for retirement...
before we get off this beach. Don't bank on it!
What's the matter with Johnson?
Don't this remind him of some old gal he used to know?
Hey, what is wrong with you?
Just a scratch.
A silly, little scratch.
It's the dyin' truth.
For one lousy farmhouse.
The trouble is makin' friends,
learnin' to love guys like Kovak and Johnson.
Well, isn't it?
I'm sure you'll all agree that the four months here on Anzio...
have been the longest of your lives.
The enemy has played host with a vengeance.
Every time we've gotten a divisi�n ashore, he's moved two in to face it.
But we've finally gained the balance of power over him.
The 1 st Armored Divisi�n's been landed, and we're going to break out.
We're going all the way to Rome.
We'll have strong air cover. We'll mark our own position with red smoke.
Hour is 0500. Good night, gentlemen.
Captain Marks?
You're still short a second lieutenant. I'll see what I can do about it.
I'd rather not have a new man, sir.
Murphy's one of the best platoon leaders I've ever had.
Then why won't he take a commissi�n?
Something about not wanting to take responsibility.

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