To Hell and Back (1955): Night Ambush


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The clip night ambush from To Hell and Back (1955)

Actually, the 7 th Regiment will be the attacking force.
They'll go across upriver from us.
Captain Marks, Baker Company will start things off.
River like this reminds me of an old gal I knew in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
Had a pet seal. She was a beautiful thing.
The seal?
No, the girl.
Sure is quiet.
Jerry must know we're over here. Be more natural if he opened up.
Why open up tonight and get ten of us...
when they can catch a hundred in the middle of the river?
It's none of my business, but you got something on your mind?
It's nothin'.
Thinkin' about home?
About my little girl, my ex-wife.
Sometimes I think I got my mind rid of her, but...
when it gets quiet like this, she keeps coming back.
How come you busted up?
We were still in school when we got married.
Then the baby came.
I had to give up school and work full-time.
I began blamin' them for all the big things that I'd planned that weren't pannin' out.
I just walked out on them.
"Walked out on them"? A guy with your guts?
I sure did.
Did she get married again?

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