To Hell and Back (1955): Murphy Heals His Wounds


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The clip murphy heals his wounds from To Hell and Back (1955)

Hey, Murph... uh, sir. You aren't supposed to be in this ward.
I know, sir, but I've got to see my old buddy.
You're liable to get into trouble. Sir, if I have to,
I can prove I'm a bird colonel from Intelligence in disguise. You shanty Irishman.
I figured you'd be on your way back to the States.
No, not for a while yet.
Where'd you get it?
In the hip. Wha... But where did it come out?
You know where it came out.
I told him where he was gonna get it. Didn't I tell ya?
Sergeant, you'll have to leave.
Look, sir, he's a friend of mine.
When he goes to West Point, I'm gonna open a bar right across the street.
What's the matter?
What's wrong with a bar?
His wound's going to keep him out of West Point.
It will probably put him out of the Army.
Gee, I'm sorry to hear that, Murph. It doesn't matter.
You're probably better off anyway. Let 'em bust you right back to civilian.
You'll be in big demand back in the States.
You can pick off a man at 500 yards with an M-1,
You can toss a grenade further than anybody in the neighborhood...
and you can bathe in ditch water!
Sergeant, roll up your sleeve.
At least I can quiet you down so my patients can get their rest.
Okay, sir. I was just leaving.
I'll be back and see you later, Murph, uh, sir!

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