The Last Winter (2006): Where to Get Help


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The clip where to get help from The Last Winter (2006)

There's no heat.
No electricity.
I have to get some plastic or...
some tarps over these walls...
and move everybody back through the kitchen...
into Dawn's room.
If they haven't heard from us by tomorrow,
they'll send another plane.
We can hold out till then.
I don't think so.
There's one snowmobile working.
I could take it to Fort Crow.
Fort Crow? What are you talking about?
It's an Inuit village 19 miles southwest of here.
Is the gas in the tank?
It's full.
No, no, we're not leaving the station.
If we stay here, we could all be dead in the morning.
He's right, Ed.
It's... 25 miles to the ice road camps.
It's a flat route.
They're working today.
It's 9:20. They'll be there until 5.
That's what we'll do.
We'll hook up with these guys and we'll radio for help,
and we'll have somebody here by nightfall.
I'll go to Fort Crow.
It's closer. They'll have a plane.
It's North's equipment.
We're gonna do it North's way.
If you want to come along, that'd be fine.
We could use your help.
Two of us doubles our chances.
We better get going.

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