The Last Winter (2006): Hoffman and Ed Meet Part 2


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The clip hoffman and ed meet Part 2 from The Last Winter (2006)

to make sure that North keeps its end of the bargain up here,
being on this land.
What the American people want is energy independence.
That's what the American people want.
Hell, the amount of oil that they're gonna get out of here
they could save by inflating their tires and caulking their windows.
Hoffman knows all that crap.
He's an oil geek.
He was at the Kuwaiti oil field fires.
Right? Uh, and Valdez?
He was there when the Titanic went down.
This was a chance for me
to come to the last piece of pristine... untouched wilderness on the planet
before we fuck it up.
So if North... is willing to pay me to be here, then so be it.
Maxwell, you're on my team.

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