The Last Winter (2006): Hoffman and Abby's Affair Part 2


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The clip hoffman and abby's affair Part 2 from The Last Winter (2006)

I mean, I'm gone for what, five weeks?
And she hooks up with this guy?
I mean, Jesus.
I thought Abby was smarter than that.
Hoffman's cool. He's a sharp dude.
I saw some of his articles.
It's some deep shit, man.
It put me right to sleep.
It's just... It's just bad judgment on Abby's part,
you know what I'm saying?
She's too young for you, man.
Hey, take it easy, will you?
Hoffman heading out.
How long have they been at it, Abby and him?
I don't know, man. Ask her.
Hand me that Allen wrench, will you, boss?
How long?
Three to four weeks.
It won't last. I'll tell you that much.
I guess he just got lucky.
Here's his thing, you know,
if you want to check it out.
Yeah, this guy's seen it all, hasn't he?
That's him.
Thanks for the Allen wrench, by the way.
I mean, North thinks they can win a PR campaign,
hiring greenies to do the impact statements.
It's a waste of money, you know?
The public is with us on this.
They can see the potential.
They don't need to get bogged down with a lot of hand wringing.
He thinks there's something off-kilter going on out here.
Is that what he's telling everybody?
Yeah, the permafrost is melting.
That's what he says.
Haven't you smelled it?
Fucking dick.

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