The Last Winter (2006): Maxwell Flips out


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The clip maxwell flips out from The Last Winter (2006)

What's happening?
What do you say about it, Hoffman?
The climate's changing exponentially.
It's collapsing. It's altering.
I'm talking about right now, today, what happened?
That's what I'm talking about, today.
It was rain.
For Christ's sake, the temperature's already dropping back.
It was a fluke.
He's staring out the window.
He say anything?
Did you tell him I said it was dinnertime?
Send him home, Ed.
That's what I say.
He's not going anywhere.
Well, if he doesn't eat, he can't work.
I realize... Jesus Christ.
Can I get a little fucking positivity here?
And wipe your face.
You're pathetic.
You do realize that there are restrictions
on alcohol consumptions at this station, don't you?
And what about you? Would you pass a piss test?
And where do you think you're going?
Let him try, Ed.
Yeah. House likes him.
May I come in?
I brought you this.
What happened out there yesterday?
When we lost you?
I don't know.
Out by the KIK well...
it's haunted.
All right. Just... take a deep breath
down on that one there, Maxwell.
We shouldn't be here.
We're grave robbers.
It's coming up from the ground.
I mean, what is oil anyway but fossils?
Plants and animals from...

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