The Last Winter (2006): Maxwell's Video


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The clip maxwell's video from The Last Winter (2006)

Ever since I got here,
I could tell that there was something wrong.
Not the Job. Not the cold. Not being isolated.
But feeling... how?
I'm telling you.
I've seen something out in the snow.
I want to show you.
Jesus. What's he doing?
Do you see it?
Did you see it?
Did you see it?
Up ahead. They're out now.
Listen! Listen! That!
Dad, do you hear that?
Do you see it, Dad?
They're out there!
They're right out there!
You see... you see that?
Do you see it? Do you see it?
All right. That's it.
You can't burn that! What the hell do you think you're doing?
Ed! Ed!
I'm in charge here!
And that tape does nobody any good!
Back off, Pollack!
You want his parents to see that? Is that what you want?
Their kid whacked out?
Wandering around in his birthday suit?
You're out of your mind. That was evidence, Pollack.
There'll be an investigation!
He wandered off, and he died of exposure!
Did you hear what he was saying?
You're on the next plane outta here, Elliot!
You and Hoffman! Until then, you stay out of my way!

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