The Last Winter (2006): Maxwell is Missing


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The clip maxwell is missing from The Last Winter (2006)

I don't know why they don't just lay tarmac down
at the start of these projects
instead of fucking around with these ice roads.
That would be a violation of the terms that got North Industries onto this land.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, my only concern is getting my equipment in.
My only recommendation is that we wait for a sustained temperature drop.
I'll tell you what.
Change of plans.
We're gonna bring the rigs in on rollagons.
Has that been approved?
Everybody's behind it back at the office.
Nobody wants to miss the season.
That's going to be very expensive.
Rollagons would cause serious damage to the tundra
with the temperatures this high.
Well, luckily I don't have to have this discussion with you.
I need Hoffman. Where the fuck is he?
I don't know.
He was coming right back.
Well, I need for him to sign off on this.
This is what I came back here for.
We should be careful how we handle that.
Hey, Motor, what's up? We're a little busy here.
Maxwell's not back yet. I'm worried.
The Ski-Doo is acting up.
Maybe it copped out on him.
Hey, Abby, what's going on?
Where the hell have you been?
Maxwell's not back. He's not answering the walkie.
He's not answering?
Do you need any help?
I wouldn't worry about Maxwell.
The kid could walk from here to Vegas on his hands.
Maxwell, do you read?
Where have you been?
So you guys didn't get any kind of a sudden wind down here?
Anything strange like that happen?
Yeah, we had a meeting, and you never showed up.
That was strange.
Lee, let's go!
Look, I am sorry about being late.
We need to talk, you and me.
We don't need the others.

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