Dragnet (1987): Streebeck Meets Friday's Grandmother


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The clip Streebeck meets Friday's grandmother from Dragnet (1987) with Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks

My God, he's dating Mother Goose! Hey, Joe!
Streebek, what are you doing here?
Who is this nice-looking young man?
He's nobody.
My partner.
Streebek, introduce yourself to my grandmother, quickly.
Well, what a pleasant surprise.
Granny Friday.
She's my maternal grandmother. Her name is Mundy.
Why don't we discuss this over dinner? It's my birthday.
We're going to the Brown Derby. Do join us, Detective Swayback.
I don't think it's a good idea.
Why not, Joe?
Yeah, Joe, why not?
I've invited someone already to join us, and you don't know her.
Joe! You have a date?
I'm so proud!
Well, it looks like I have a date, too.
Granny Mundy, may I escort you to Joe's car?
I'd be privileged, Detective Startrek.

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