Dragnet (1987): Revrend and Caeser Meeting in the Cemetery


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The clip Revrend and Caeser meeting in the cemetery from Dragnet (1987) with Dabney Coleman

You're late, Jerry.
I saw your announcement about my so-called million-dollar contribution.
Do yourself a favour, friend.
Try the lottery.
The lottery I can fix.
Our problem is Mayor Parvin.
I'm afraid he is not "going gentle into that good night. "
Say what?
That he is not responding to our pressure to resign.
We're gonna have to push him over the edge.
Your million-dollar contribution will insure his presence at your party.
Just make sure he turns into a drug-crazed idiot, with pictures.
Once he's politically dead, Commissioner Kirkpatrick...
will be a shoo-in to replace him in the next election.
You and I will split control of the city.
You will monopolize all pornography.
Half the poor dumb sheep in Los Angeles will be forking over money...
to buy your sleaze...
while the other half will be funding me with the means to fight it.
you got balls as big as church bells.
Thank you.
Jonathan, I do not trust that man.
Thank goodness he trusts me.
That socially-retarded hedonist...
actually believes he's going to be alive tomorrow.

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