Dragnet (1987): Friday is Picking Streebeck


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The clip Friday is picking Streebeck from Dragnet (1987)

10:30 a. m. I picked up Streebek at his sanitationally-questionable commune...
his apartment building in the "come as you are" section of Venice Beach.
The door was opened by Police Officer Betsy Blees...
who had dropped by to chat about more effective methods of law enforcement.
They'd been playing a version of good-cop, bad-cop.
Though I was unable to fathom the rules, it seemed Streebek had lost this round.
Playtime was over...
and it was back to routine duty for me and Pep Streebek.
Joe, I suddenly got very hungry. Let's grab some sushi.
We're late for our watch already, and raw tuna isn't my bag.

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