Dragnet (1987): Sylvia Asks Friday of His Opinion


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The clip Sylvia asks Friday of his opinion from Dragnet (1987) with Dan Aykroyd, Julia Jennings

You have very strong hands.
Hey, Sylvia Wiss!
Yes, that's me.
They oughta transfer you to Missing Persons. You know everybody.
Don't you read the papers? Saturday is Bait magazine's 25th anniversary party.
Caesar is reuniting all of his former Baitmates.
Miss Sylvia Wiss, right here, was the very first Baitmate ever.
Sergeant, if I asked your honest opinion about something, would I get it?
You can bet the house on it.
Would you say these look like the breasts of a 43-year-old woman?
No. No, they don't, Miss Wiss.
They're quite impressive, bordering on spectacular.
We have to be running along now.
What's your hurry?
Wouldn't you like to have an early lunch?
Listen, Joe, it's the darndest thing.
I seem to have left my notebook in the car.
It's gonna take me 15, 20 min... A half an hour to find it.
Why don't you pump Sylvia privately for information?
And I'II, you know...
Nice meeting you, Miss Wiss.
I had a good time, too.
Come on. Let's go to the car and find that notebook.
Are you crazy?

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