Dragnet (1987): Friday and Streebeck Are Questioning Emil


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The clip Friday and Streebeck are questioning Emil from Dragnet (1987) with Tom Hanks

Sit down, unless you're growing!
We've got you on '87 motre vehicle violations.
It's only time before we tie you in to one of those Pagan jobs.
And you stole your landlady's wedding dress...
which is the only endearing thing about you, so talk to us.
Listen, you public pawn. My attorney's on his way.
We both know I'll be out on bail.
So take off these cuffs and open the door!
I wouldn't worry about the door. Scum who'd represent you would ooze under it.
Joe, why don't you go get a couple cups of coffee?
I could use one. You want anything?
Chewing gum, Snickers bar, and my attorney, badge kisser!
Well, Emil.
It's just you...
and me...
and your balls...
and this drawer.
4:15 p. m.
By the time I had returned with coffee, Muzz was singing like Beverly Sills.
He had been planning to attend a meeting that night at the Pagan clubhouse...
but he refused to divulge the time or location of that meeting.

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