Dragnet (1987): Friday and Streebeck Leave


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The clip Friday and Streebeck leave from Dragnet (1987)

You got a lifetime subscription to Bait, Dollies and Field and Cream.
You saved my house, my gals, my life.
I'll give you anything you want. Money, broads, automobiles.
Anything! Just name it.
How 'bout takin' your hands off my suit?
Joe, Jerry, Dona! Ava!
Whirley's headed to Mexico in his private jet.
He's got Connie. Let's move it.
Who's Connie?
I don't know.
Wasn't she...
Never mind. You hungry?
Let's eat.
Friday, Streebek, good work.
I'll expect a full report.
Sure thing. If you'll excuse us, we have a fugitive to apprehend.
Wait a minute. I can't let you take a civilian with you on a hot pursuit.
But, Captain, please.
Sorry, Joe.
You're gonna need this.
I didn't have the heart to turn it in.
Yes, sir.
Don't just stand there, you petrified monolith of legal propriety!
Let's move! I'll drive.
You seem to be suffering from selective amnesia.
I outrank you. I'll drive.

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