Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012): Me and the Conservatives

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The clip me and the conservatives from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Larry King, Meghan McCain...
The clip me and the conservatives from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Larry King, Meghan McCain. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Yeah. I feel like I got my passion back that for whatever reason was fading. Right after I got off the road I started working at MSNBC and I got my contributorship and they hired me. I just felt like I was reinvigorated to fight for what I believed in again. It was moving to LA was what killed it. I lived here for five months and I felt like I was losing my passion for politics. But … Yeah. LA caused you to lose it? Would you say that you’re controversial? LA killed me. I hated living here. I lived her five months. Very. Again not what I anticipated. It’s not what I thought my life would look like right now. I’m 27. I’m not that old. I’m almost 28. But I didn’t anticipate being such a controversial polarizing young woman spending my 20s polarizing people in politics. Why? What did you think you’d do? Because I felt like I would talk to people and no one would have a real conversation. There were not really connections. New Yorkers will tell you - I love New York. I live in New York. They’ll tell you how they feel when they meet you on the street. They’ll talk to you. If they love you they tell you. If they hate you they love you. In LA everyone loves you but they’re not real friends. Everyone’s a bartender/scriptwriter/actress/director/musician - all of it. I wanted to be a music journalist in college. I wanted to work for Rolling Stone and be a music journalist and I don’t do anything like that at all now. I grew up in New York. I love New York. New York is a part of me. But I love LA. Come on what’s not to like? Has the Republican party disappointed you? Do you remain a conservative Republican? I didn’t love it. Maybe I was here at the wrong time. It was only five months. I do. I love aspects of the Republican party. I sway a little Libertarian because people are always asking me if I sway liberal but I feel like it’s more Libertarian than anything else. I still love the Republican party but I worry about extremists trying to blood-let people like me out of it which scares me for the future. Yeah. There are certain figures like I would say Rush Limbaugh some of the more policy-wonks But you’re a New Yorker now. Why do you think they’re so vituperative about you though? You make them. You piss them off. Love New York. I consider myself a New Yorker. I stay strong to my roots being from Arizona. I really am a red state Republican. I lived in New York on and off for 10 years moved there when I was 18. New York and I understand each other. I do. I think it’s a combination of the fact that I’m single woman. I’m very blond as you can tell. I own my sexuality and the kind of life I live which is not a common thing for women to do in American let alone in Republican politics. I think I represent something that is new which is a reflection of the fact that what they represent is dying off. I think it’s scary. Has it liberalized you? You probably agree with contraception even? Socially yeah. When I went to Columbia … I do. I’m against abstinence … It''s a very liberal state. So Rush Limbaugh would go crazy over that. Yeah. When I moved to New York I went to Columbia. That’s when I started to coming around to gay marriage. Gay bars were the one place to sneak into as a teenager when I first went to New York because they didn’t card. You could just go in and dance and have a good time. That’s how I really started coming around to gay marriage when I was teenager in New York. Yeah. I guess I’m a big whore if you listen to Rush Limbaugh. I’m referencing Sandra Fluke obviously. But yeah - no I mean. I believe in what I’m doing. It’s really what I’m passionate about. I believe in what I’m saying. I don''t think I am the spokesperson for Young Republicans but I think I am a spokesperson. I supported it. It’s a civil right. People criticize you for being an opinion person on MSNBC - that you’re too young and you don’t know. How do react? I totally believe it’s a civil right. Well the thing about being young. It’s like no matter where you work - FOX or MSNBC or CNN or whatever - the perception of people in the media is that if you’re young you shouldn’t have an opinion which I think is extremely dangerous. I also think I’ve literally been - my mom was pregnant with me at the ’84 convention with Reagan. I’ve been to every convention since I was literally in-utero. It’s sad. I love Republican politics. It’s the only world I have ever known. I know it very well which is why I do have job that I do. I can talk about any element you want to. I know it back and forth and I love it. I hustle hard. There are a lot of people out there that have famous parents that don’t get very far. A famous last name will get you in the door What does your father think? It can be a hindrance too sometimes. He doesn''t. He does not agree with gay marriage. He thinks marriage is between a man and a woman and it’s the biggest disagreement we have. But he recently said actually at my book party he gave an interview. He said he respects the fact that I am from a different generation and maybe I’m speaking for something he can''t understand. He’s 75-years-old. He’s almost 76. It’s so generational. I grew up with friends being gay when I was young very young understanding that they were gay. Then obviously throughout high school and college. I do think it’s a civil right. Oh yeah - of course. More with Meghan McCain right after this. Do tend to just give your opinions overly? Coming up Meghan will tell us what she really thinks about this year’s candidates. And you know she’ll tell us what she really thinks. Special guest is Meghan McCain. She and Michael Ian Black have co-written “American You Sexy Bitch - a Love Letter to Freedom.” I love the title. It’s going to be a hell of a read. Okay let’s talk current politics. You spoke against Ann Coulter in the past who you would regard as really rightwing in the party. You got a back …