Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012): Upcoming Elections

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The clip upcoming elections from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Larry King, Meghan McCain. Powe...
The clip upcoming elections from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Larry King, Meghan McCain. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Well the thing about being young. It’s like no matter where you work - FOX or MSNBC or CNN or whatever - the perception of people in the media is that if you’re young you shouldn’t have an opinion which I think is extremely dangerous. I also think I’ve literally been - my mom was pregnant with me at the ’84 convention with Reagan. I’ve been to every convention since I was literally in-utero. It’s sad. I love Republican politics. It’s the only world I have ever known. I know it very well which is why I do have job that I do. I can talk about any element you want to. I know it back and forth and I love it. I hustle hard. There are a lot of people out there that have famous parents that don’t get very far. A famous last name will get you in the door No my parents were great. They really kept us sheltered. I grew up in Phoenix. So I didn’t grow up in DC. I had a really normal childhood. I rode horses and hiked in the desert. The only time it got hard was when my dad ran for president the first time. But I have nothing to compare it to but I have a great family unit. It can be a hindrance too sometimes. How do you see this election going? You’re supporting Romney. Oh yeah - of course. I’m supporting Romney. Coming up Meghan will tell us what she really thinks about this year’s candidates. And you know she’ll tell us what she really thinks. Special guest is Meghan McCain. She and Michael Ian Black have co-written “American You Sexy Bitch - a Love Letter to Freedom.” I love the title. It’s going to be a hell of a read. Okay let’s talk current politics. You spoke against Ann Coulter in the past who you would regard as really rightwing in the party. You got a back … Are you ardently supporting Romney? I think she’s a caricature. I don’t think she’s a real person in Republican politics. I think she’s an entertainer like everything else. I don’t know if she believes what she says anymore but I don''t respect anybody that behaves or says things or the types of things that she says. Yes I am. I would never vote for President Obama. I really hope that Gov. Romney chooses a formidable vice presidential candidate. I worry that if he chooses someone boring and middle of the road I don''t think it’s going to get the momentum that he needs. Makes the other side evil? Do you have a favorite? It just makes Republican women look bad. That we’re all these angry volatile you can''t see the other side. To me it’s a very ‘90s way of looking at politics. Yes I’ve gotten in fights with … Chris Christy. I love Chris Christy. I call him Tony Soprano. I just love him and his straight talk. When he’s angry he’s angry. When he’s fine he’s fine. I just think he’s interesting and provocative. Laura Ingram got mad at you? You think the weight would hurt him though - that people would look at him not as a … Yeah. Laura Ingram got mad at me for not being a size zero. But it was that thing that launched my career. She called me fat on a radio show and it was the - I could never at this point it’s done so many great things for me and my career. It has given something that especially young women and college students relate to me about - about having your weight criticized. It''s one of the best things that ever happened to me - Laura Ingram calling me fat. I think America would relate to it. America is not a skinny country. I just toured it. I know. For me I kind of like it. He’s like “Yeah I’m fat. Get over it.” I like that. Do you know her? What kind of father is your dad?