Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012): Women in Politics

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The clip women in politics from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Meghan McCain, Larry King. Power...
The clip women in politics from Larry King Now!: Meghan McCain (2012) with Meghan McCain, Larry King. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Yeah. I think she’s a caricature. I don’t think she’s a real person in Republican politics. I think she’s an entertainer like everything else. I don’t know if she believes what she says anymore but I don''t respect anybody that behaves or says things or the types of things that she says. Would you say that you’re controversial? Makes the other side evil? Very. Again not what I anticipated. It’s not what I thought my life would look like right now. I’m 27. I’m not that old. I’m almost 28. But I didn’t anticipate being such a controversial polarizing young woman spending my 20s polarizing people in politics. It just makes Republican women look bad. That we’re all these angry volatile you can''t see the other side. To me it’s a very ‘90s way of looking at politics. Yes I’ve gotten in fights with … What did you think you’d do? Laura Ingram got mad at you? I wanted to be a music journalist in college. I wanted to work for Rolling Stone and be a music journalist and I don’t do anything like that at all now. Yeah. Laura Ingram got mad at me for not being a size zero. But it was that thing that launched my career. She called me fat on a radio show and it was the - I could never at this point it’s done so many great things for me and my career. It has given something that especially young women and college students relate to me about - about having your weight criticized. It''s one of the best things that ever happened to me - Laura Ingram calling me fat. Has the Republican party disappointed you? Do you remain a conservative Republican? Do you know her? I do. I love aspects of the Republican party. I sway a little Libertarian because people are always asking me if I sway liberal but I feel like it’s more Libertarian than anything else. I still love the Republican party but I worry about extremists trying to blood-let people like me out of it which scares me for the future. Yeah. There are certain figures like I would say Rush Limbaugh some of the more policy-wonks No and I have no desire to. Why do you think they’re so vituperative about you though? You make them. You piss them off. What about the Republican party and women? You think Obama will get more women votes than the Republican candidate? I do. I think it’s a combination of the fact that I’m single woman. I’m very blond as you can tell. I own my sexuality and the kind of life I live which is not a common thing for women to do in American let alone in Republican politics. I think I represent something that is new which is a reflection of the fact that what they represent is dying off. I think it’s scary. I think unfortunately the rhetoric that has happened in the primary in the primary so far with all this conversation about whether or not women should have access to birth control has done a lot of damage. And I worry about it in the future. Today would Obama get the women’s vote? Probably. I think Gov. Romney has a lot of opportunity to pick up where Obama is failing but listen - there’s been a lot of damage done to the women’s vote during the primaries at this election. You probably agree with contraception even? You’ve expressed admiration for Hilary Clinton in the past right? I do. I’m against abstinence … Yeah. We don’t agree on anything politically but I just love strong women in politics and strong women in the media. She really is who she is and she’s out there. I think she’s a really great role model for strong women. So Rush Limbaugh would go crazy over that. Pretty good secretary of state? Yeah. I guess I’m a big whore if you listen to Rush Limbaugh. I’m referencing Sandra Fluke obviously. But yeah - no I mean. I believe in what I’m doing. It’s really what I’m passionate about. I believe in what I’m saying. I don''t think I am the spokesperson for Young Republicans but I think I am a spokesperson. Yeah. Great secretary of state. People criticize you for being an opinion person on MSNBC - that you’re too young and you don’t know. How do react? Was it tough growing up in a political household?