The Nutty Professor (1996): Buddy Tricks Sherman


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The clip buddy tricks sherman from The Nutty Professor (1996)

Hey, this is the last of it, Professor.
I'll tell you this, Jason.
If I'm gonna change my life, it's not gonna come from some magic drink.
Gotta come from a lot of hard work and exercise and plenty of these.
Good-bye, Buddy Love. Hello, Megashake.
I lost 300 pounds in 30 seconds!
Thanks, Megashake!
You tricked him!
You damn right, hamster boy. I knew Sherman was gonna go soft on me.
That can wreak havoc on a man's sex life.
See, I've done some calculations of my own.
If I drink 500 milliliters of formula,
I'll have enough cellular stability to be rid of Sherman's ass forever!
You drink that much formula at one time and it will kill you!
If I drink it all at once, yes. If I drink half now and half later, that's safe.
At midnight, I don't have to worry about turning into no Klumpkin.
If you don't mind, I have a date at the alumni ball, and you have a date with linoleum.

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