The Nutty Professor (1996): Reggie Warrington


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The clip Reggie Warrington from The Nutty Professor (1996) with Dave Chappelle

Watch me I got it, watch me
He sure is animated.
What's up?
I said, "What's up?"
Women be shoppin', baby.
Women be shoppin'!
You can't stop a woman from shoppin', baby!
That's true. Women do shop.
It is true.
See what we got in here tonight. Oh, my God!
She's unbe-weave-able. Look at this.
Look like a head full of curly fries.
Hey, look at this white dude right here.
"What is a weave exactly?" Huh?
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no!
Baby, no! She got more extensions than AT&T.
Excuse me. I'm gonna go to the rest room.
Oh, boy, I'm hot!
Sorry about that, ma'am. Let me pick that up for ya.
Ooo-ooo-ooh! It's a full moon tonight!
I think I found where they hid Jimmy Hoffa!
Excuse me.
Yeah, that's a good one there.
You got more crack than Harlem. Look at that!
Boy's so fat, every time he turns around, it's his birthday!
Got to put his belt on with a boomerang.
Va-va-va-va! Bang!
Ah, yeah. Okay, all right, now. That's it. You got me.
No, I ain't got ya yet. Should I get him?

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