The Nutty Professor (1996): Meeting Carla Part 2


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The clip meeting carla Part 2 from The Nutty Professor (1996) with Jada Pinkett Smith, Eddie Murphy

How can I help you?
Hi. I'm Carla Purty.
Hello, Miss Purty.
I'm a grad student.
I'm teaching my first chemistry class across the hall.
Okay. Mm-hmm.
I just had to come over and introduce myself.
I've followed your work for many years, and I'm a big fan.
Well, thank you very much. I'm fatter-
uh, flattered that you've been following my work the way you have.
A chemistry teacher. Chemistry sure is important to have... chemistry...
to have and use it.
Chemistry. Well-
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
Oh, the pleasure was all mine, Miss Purty.
And, um, hope to see you around.
Well, you can't miss me.
Have a good day.
You do the same, Miss Purty.
Now, that's fine. She's fine.

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