Evan Almighty (2007): One Last Chance


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The clip one last chance from Evan Almighty (2007) with John Goodman, Steve Carell

Hey, Baxter! Kiss your ark goodbye!
Where is he?
On the boat, sir.
Give me a minute. Lets see if I can convince "Noah"
that the world doesn't have to end today.
I gotta hand it to you, this is quite the show.
According to my source, the show hasn't even started yet.
Still expecting the big flood.
You know, voters don't respond to the gloom and doom stuff.
They like a more positive message.
Like the one you're sending with your bill?
How much did you make off of all this land?
You are destroying our national parks for profit.
You have a problem with somebody taking a little profit?
It's called business, son.
So if I need to get a message out there, or get a congressman elected
there are people who pay for it, and yes, those people want this bill to happen
and, by God, it's gonna happen. Now you look down there.
Those are the wolves, son.
I'm gonna give you one last chance. Take down this boat.
I'm giving you one last chance. Repent.
Such a shame. You had possibilities.
But you want to stop progress to save the Earth. Go for it.
Good luck getting a tree to come to the polls.
Take it down.

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