Evan Almighty (2007): Construction Project


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The clip construction project from Evan Almighty (2007) with Steve Carell, Jimmy Bennett

Gentlemen, I'm sure you're all wondering why I've assembled you here today.
An Argentine lake duck has a penis as long as its body.
Wow, that's huge. He must be proud.
So, I have come up with a little construction project for us this weekend.
The whole weekend?
The whole weekend. Yes!
And maybe a couple weekends after that.
I can do this. Help!
How do I stand up with a piece of wood? Here we go.
Oh, man. Okay, that's good.
Mother! Father! Sister! Brother! Wow!
Keep it straight.
Hey, Dad, he's back!
Ryan, no, don't do...
Leverage it up! Leverage. Okay.
Just put some leverage. You got to put some body weight.
Ready? One, two, three. Come on.
Oh, I'm an idiot.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Congressman. Why do you have raw beef hands?"
"Well, I'm building an ark. "
I got a boo-boo! I got a boo-boo! I got a boo-boo!
You ever hear of Home Depot? Here we go! Here we go! Oh, yeah!
All right. So our little Marlboro Man moment didn't work out so well.
It's a disaster. I don't know how to build something like this.
That's easy. Just don't.
Yes, Marty. Your fearless leader is right here.
Hey, Marty, what's up?

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