Psycho (1960): Questioning Norman Part 2


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The clip questioning norman Part 2 from Psycho (1960) with Anthony Perkins, Martin Balsam

I tell ya, I don't even much bother with guests registering anymore.
One by one, you drop the formalities.
I shouldn't even bother changing the sheets, but old habits die hard.
Which reminds me...
Which reminds me...
What's that?
The sign.
A couple last week said if the thing hadn't been on, they would've thought this was an old, deserted...
You see, that's exactly my point.
Nobody'd been here for a couple weeks, and there's a couple came by and didn't know that you were open.
As you say, old habits die hard.
This girl could've registered under another name. Mind if I look?
Thank you.
All right.
I'll get the date somewhere. Mm-hmm.
See, there's nobody.
Let's see, I have a sample of her handwriting here.
Oh, yes.
Here we are.
Marie Samuels.
That's an interesting alias.
Is that her?
Yeah, I think so.
Marie, Marion.
Samuels. Her boyfriend's name is Sam.
Mm-hmm. Was she in disguise, by any chance?
Wanna check the picture again?
I wasn't lying to you.
Oh, I know that. I know you wouldn't lie.
It's tough keeping track of the time around here.
I know.
Oh, yeah.
Well, i-i-it was raining and, um, her hair was all wet.
I tell ya, it's not really a very good picture of her.
No, I guess not.
Tell me all about her.
Well, um, she arrived, um, rather late one night, went straight to sleep and, uh, left early the next morning.
How early?
Oh, ex... very early.
Mm-hmm. Which morning was that?
Uh, the, um... [Sighs]

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