Psycho (1960): Talking to the Sheriff Part 2


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The clip talking to the sheriff Part 2 from Psycho (1960) with John Gavin, Vera Miles

That was early this evening. We haven't seen or heard from him since.
Now, your sister's missing how long?
She left Phoenix a week ago yesterday without a trace.
How'd you and this detective come to trace her to Fairvale?
They thought she'd be coming to me.
Left Phoenix under her own steam?
She's not missing so much as she's run away.
[Sam] That's right.
From what?
She stole some money.
A lot?
Forty thousand dollars.
The police haven't been able to...
Everyone concerned thought if they could get her to give the money back, they could avoid involving her with the police.
That explains the private detective.
He traced her to the Bates place.
What exactly did he say when he called you?
He said Marion was there for one night, then she left.
He didn't say anything about the money.
It isn't important what he said, is it?
He was supposed to come talk to us after he talked to the mother, and he didn't.
That's what I want you to do something about.
Like what?
[Sighs] I'm sorry if I seem overanxious.
I'm sure there's something wrong out there, and I have to know what.
Well, I think there's something wrong too, Miss, but not the same thing.
I think what's wrong is your private detective.
I think he got himself a hot lead as to where your sister was goin', probably from Norman Bates, and called you to keep you still while he took off after her and the money.
No, no, he said he was dissatisfied and he was going back there.
Call Norman and let him say what happened.
[Sheriff] At this hour?
He was out when I was there a while ago. If he's back, he probably isn't in bed.
He wasn't out; he just wasn't answerin' the door in the dead of night, like some people do.
This fellow lives like a hermit.
You must remember that bad business out there about ten years ago.
Please. Call.

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