Psycho (1960): Talking to the Sheriff


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The clip talking to the sheriff from Psycho (1960) with John Gavin, Vera Miles

[Car Approaches, Stops]
[Parking Brake Sets]
[Car Door Opens, Closes]
[Door Opens]
He didn't come back here?
No Arbogast, no Bates. Only the old lady at home.
Sick old lady unable to answer the door... or unwilling.
Where could he have gone?
Maybe he got some definite lead.
Maybe he went right on.
Without calling me?
Sam, he called when he had nothing but a dissatisfied feeling.
Don't you think he'd have called if he had anything at all?
Yes, I think he would've.
Let's go see Al Chambers.
Who's he?
Our deputy sheriff around here.
Let me get my coat.
[Sam] Good evening.
Well, I... I don't know where to start, except at the beginning.
This is Lila Crane from Phoenix.
How do you do?
She's been here searching for her sister.
There's this private detective helping.
We got a call from this detective... he'd traced her to that motel on the old highway.
That must be the Bates Motel.
He called to say he was going to question Mrs. Bates.
Norman took a wife?
[Sam] No, I-I don't think so. An old woman. His mother.

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