Psycho (1960): Waiting


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The clip Waiting from Psycho (1960) with John Gavin, Vera Miles. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Sometimes Saturday night has a lonely sound. Ever notice that, Lila?
Sam, he said an hour or less.
[Sighs] It's been three.
Are we just going to sit here and wait?
He'll be back.
Let's sit still and hang on, okay?
How far is the old highway?
You wanna go out there, don't you?
Bust in on Arbogast and the old lady.
Maybe shake her up.
That wouldn't be wise.
Patience doesn't run in my family.
I'm going out there.
Arbogast said...
An hour, or less.
Well, I'm going.
[Slams Receiver Down]
You'll never find it.
Stay here.
Why can't I go?
I don't know. One of us has to be here, in case he's on the way.
What am I supposed to do, just sit here and wait?
Yeah. Stay here.
[Door Opens]
[Wind Whistling]
[Door Closes]

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