Psycho (1960): The Patrol Officer


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The clip The patrol officer from Psycho (1960) with Mort Mills, Janet Leigh

[Brakes Squeak]
[Starts Motor]
Uh, hold it there.
[Stops Motor]
In quite a hurry.
I didn't intend to sleep so long. I almost had an accident from sleepiness.
So, I decided to pull over.
You slept here all night?
Yes. As I said, I couldn't keep my eyes open.
There are plenty of motels in this area. You should've...
I mean, just to be safe.
I didn't intend to sleep all night. I just pulled over.
Have I broken any laws?
No, ma'am.
Then I'm free to go?
Is anything wrong?
Of course not. Am I acting as if there's something wrong?
Frankly, yes.
Please, I'd like to go.
Well, is there?
Is there what?
I've told you there's nothing wrong, except I'm in a hurry and you're taking up my time.
Now, just a moment.
[Starts Motor]
Turn your motor off, please.
[Turns Motor Off]
May I see your license?

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