Psycho (1960): About Mother


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You know, if anyone ever talked to me the way I heard the way she spoke to you...
Sometimes when she talks to me like that,
I feel I'd like to go up there and curse her and, and leave her forever.
Or at least defy her.
But I know I can't. She's ill.
She sounded strong.
No, I mean... ill.
She had to raise me all by herself, after my father died.
I was only five and it, it must've been quite a strain for her.
I mean, she didn't have to go to work or anything. He left her a little money.
Anyway, a few years ago, Mother met this man.
And he... he talked her into building this motel.
He could have talked her into anything.
And when he died too, it was just too great a shock for her.
And the way he died...
[Chuckles] I guess it's nothing to talk about while you're eating.
Anyway, it was just too great a loss for her. She had nothing left.
Except you.
Well, a son is a poor substitute for a lover.
Why don't you go away?
To a private island, like you?
[Sighs] No... not like me.
I couldn't do that. Who'd look after her?
She'd be alone up there.
The fire would go out.
It'd be cold and damp like a grave.
If you love someone, you don't do that to them, even if you hate them.

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