Psycho (1960): Lover's Lunch Break


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You never did eat your lunch, did you?
I better get back to the office. These extended lunch hours give my boss excess acid.
Why don't you call your boss and tell him you're taking the rest of the afternoon off?
It's Friday anyway, and hot.
What do I do with my free afternoon? Walk you to the airport?
Well, we could laze around here a while longer.
Checking-out time is 3:00 PM.
Hotels of this sort aren't interested in you when you come in but when your time is up...
Oh, Sam, I hate having to be with you in a place like this.
I've heard of married couples who deliberately spend a night in a cheap hotel.
When you're married you can do a lot of things deliberately.
You sure talk like a girl who's been married.
Oh, Sam, this is the last time.
Yeah? For what?
For this.
For meeting you in secret so we can be secretive.
You come down here on business trips, and we steal lunch hours.
I wish you wouldn't even come.
What do we do instead? Write each other lurid love letters?
Oh, I have to go, Sam.
I can come down next week.
Not even just to see you? Have lunch in public?
Oh, we can see each other. We can even have dinner.
But respectably.
In my house with my mother's picture on the mantel and my sister helping me broil a big steak for three.
And after the steak, do we send sister to the movies turn Mama's picture to the wall?
All right.

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