Psycho (1960): The Psychiatrist


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I got the whole story, but not from Norman. I got it from his "mother."
Norman Bates no longer exists.
He only half-existed to begin with.
And now the other half has taken over, probably for all time.
Did he kill my sister?
Yes... and no.
Now look, if you're trying to lay some psychiatric groundwork for some sort of plea this fellow would like to cop...
[Chuckling] A psychiatrist doesn't lay the groundwork.
He merely tries to explain it.
But my sister is...
Yes, I'm sorry. The private investigator too.
If you drag that swamp somewhere in the vicinity of the motel, you'll...
Uh, have you any unsolved missing persons cases on your books?
Yes, two.
Young girls?
Like I said, the "mother."

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