Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): Peace Fresno Infiltrated


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The clip Peace Fresno infiltrated from Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

These are the good people who make up Peace Fresno.
A community group in Fresno, California.
Unlike the rest of us, they received an early lesson...
...in what the Patriot Act is all about.
Each week, they meet to discuss matters of peace.
They sit around, they share stories, they eat cookies.
Some have more than one.
This is Aaron Stokes, a member of Peace Fresno.
The other members liked him.
He had come to the meetings, he went with us.
We go out on Friday nights and stand on a very busy corner in Fresno.
And he had gone with us, he had handed out fliers.
He went with us in June to a WTO protest.
Then one day, Aaron didn't show up to the meeting.
My friend Dan and I were reading the Sunday newspaper...
...and when I picked up the paper, in the local section...
...Aaron's picture caught my eye.
The article said that a sheriff's deputy had been killed...
...and I saw it had a name that wasn't the right name...
...that said that he was a member of the sheriff's antiterrorism unit.
That's right.
The photo of the man in the newspaper...
...was not the Aaron Stokes they had come to know.
He was actually Deputy Aaron Kilner, and he had infiltrated their group.
Sheriff Pierce made it very clear that, yes...
...Aaron Kilner was assigned to infiltrate Peace Fresno...
...that he was able to infiltrate organizations...
...that are open to the public.
You could understand why the police needed to spy...
...on a group like Peace Fresno.
Just look at them.
A gathering of terrorists if I ever saw one.

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