Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): Bin Laden's Family's Departure Part II


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The clip bin Laden's family's departure part II from Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

Before 9/11, he was a senior agent on the joint FBl-CIA...
...al Qaeda task force.
I, as an investigator, would not want these people to have left.
I think, in the case of the bin Laden family, it would have been prudent...
...to hand the subpoenas out, have them come in, get on-the-record.
You know, get on-the-record.
That's the proper procedure?
How many people were pulled off airlines after that...
...coming into the country who were Middle Eastern...
...or they fit a very general picture.
We held hundreds of people for weeks and months at a time.
Did the authorities do anything when the bin Ladens tried to leave?
No. They were identified at the airport.
They looked at their passports, and they were identified.
That would happen to us if we left the country.
Interview, check the passport.
What else?
I don't know about you, but usually...
...when the police can't find a murderer...
...don't they usually wanna talk to the family members...
...to find out where they think he might be?
You don't know where your husband is?
If you hear anything, let us know.
Can you come downtown, give a statement?
How long?
You've got time.
Mine's worth money. Yours isn't.
Send a bill.
I asked you a question.
Answer them. Don't ask them.
I pay your salary, cop.
Sit down. I'm gonna earn it.
Yeah. That's how cops do it. What was going on here?
We need to know more about that.
It needs to be the subject of an investigation.
What happened? How did it happen? Why? Who authorized it?
lmagine what those poor bastards were feeling...
...when jumping off that building to their death.
Those young guys and cops and firemen...
...that ran into that building, never asked a question.
And they're dead. And families' lives are ruined.
And they'll never have peace.
That's right.
And if I had to inconvenience...

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