Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): Financial Opportunities in Iraq Part II


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The clip financial opportunities in Iraq part II from Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

The United States is now a major player in the Iraqi oil business.
American troops guard the oil fields...
...as Texas oil workers assess their potential.
It's a safe environment to work in. We don't feel any risk.
We feel we're being well protected here, or we wouldn't be here.
It's no secret. I mean...
...I make anywhere between 2 and 3000 a month.
A Halliburton employee out here driving a bus...
...can make between 8 and 10,000 a month. Explain that one to me.
For 40 hours a week.
Driving the same two-and-half-mile route.
Go figure.
Where's the justification in that?
There's no other single area of the world today...
...with the opportunity for business, new business...
...similar to the opportunity that's available today in Iraq.
The president went in, did what he did.
We're supporting him and our troops.
We wanna make sure that the efforts and the lost lives...
...wasn't for no reason.
If it wasn't for the oil, nobody would be there.
Nobody would worry about it.
Unfortunately, at least for the near term...
...we think it's gonna be a good situation, a dangerous situation.
Good for business, bad for the people.
Today on the news, Rumsfeld was saying...
And Wolfowitz was saying:
"The Iraqi people are much, much better off.
Isn't it better that we got rid of Saddam...
...and now the Iraqi people can do what they wanna do...
...and really be free?"
Will they ever be free? No, they'll not be free.
And where are the weapons of mass destruction?

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