Stalingrad (1993): Road To Stalingrad


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The clip Road To Stalingrad from Stalingrad (1993)

Good bye, my love.
What's up, Fritz? You in love?
When's the wedding?
Dearest Clara, Russia.
Two thousand kilometers separate us.
The vastness of the distance is overwhelming.
I probably won't hear from you again for quite some time.
You should still write...
although it will take a long time for your letters to arrive.
Will it be hard for you?
I know if you had your choice, I'd be sitting...
on a leather chair in your father's office...
instead of on a bunk in a freight car.
Please forgive me, and try to understand my happiness.
The uncertainty of the last few months has vanished.
All of a sudden, my life has meaning, a goal.
Before, everything seemed unimportant...
but as I get closer to the front, my melancholy lifts.
All the feelings I felt unworthy of...
especially my feelings for you, burn bright again.
You should see me,
sitting surrounded by these stalwart men of ours.
My men.

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