My Little Chickadee (1940): The True Masked Bandit


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The clip The true Masked Bandit from My Little Chickadee (1940)

You got to help.
I can't stand by and see him hang for that outlaw.
What about this outlaw? I heard you were friendly with him.
Just a midnight acquaintance. I don't know who he is.
Are you in love with him?
What's the use of talking about that when a man's life is at stake?
I want to talk about it.
I heard you've been seeing him a long time, even before you came here.
They say he visits you in your room any time he feels like it.
You mean to tell me all this time you don't know who he is?
I wish I did.
Are you going to help? They'll hang him.
Let him hang. What do you care?
You'll be free to marry the Bandit or anyone you want.
That's got nothing to do with it. I ain't married anyway.
It was all a fake.
It was done by a gambler named Amos Budge. He only looked like a preacher.
So that's it.
Amos Budge.
Now listen, Flower...
forget about this bandit.
I'm crazy about you.
There's no time for this now.
There's always time for this and you know it.
A man's kiss is like his signature...
his identification.

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