My Little Chickadee (1940): Pretending to Be the Masked Bandit


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The clip Pretending to be the Masked Bandit from My Little Chickadee (1940) with W.C. Fields

Must be my two-gun Romeo.
I wasn't expecting you tonight, honey.
Wait a minute, honey. Let me get my breath.
What have you been drinking, embalming fluid?
What do you call this?
It's you, is it?
What do you think this is gonna get you?
No jockey was ever ruled off for trying, chiquita.
What kind of a jockey?
I used to be a reindeer jockey.
Yeah? Well, don't think you're gonna win this by a nose.
My rose petal, just one little snuggle.
You cheat.
If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for.
Just one little osculation.
You got one under false pretences.
Then give me one that's on the up.
My love, you incinerate me.
Your walk, your talk...
the way you wave your little pinky.
Your line ain't low enough to trip me.
I climbed the ladder of love to reach for the star.
Reach for the air. I'm in no mood for astronomy.

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