Atonement (2007): the Evacuation to Dunkirk Part 2


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The clip the evacuation to Dunkirk Part 2 from Atonement (2007) with James McAvoy, Daniel Mays

Fuck me.
-It's like something out of the Bible. -Jesus Christ.
Come on, get everybody to clean this mess up now.
We've just arrived, sir. Can you tell us what we're supposed to be doing?
Nothing. Just wait. Where are the ships?
A few made it in yesterday, Luftwaffe blew them to buggery.
Lost 3,000 men when they sank the Lancastria.
High command, in its infinite wisdom, is denying us air cover.
A disgrace, a fucking disaster.
No, look, the thing is, you see, I'm expected back, you see.
There's over 300,000 men on this beach, Private. You'll have to wait your turn.
Just be grateful you're not wounded. I've orders to leave the wounded behind.
No, no, no, leave it, guv! Never trust a sailor on dry land. You're best off out of it.
That's not right.

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