Atonement (2007): Searching for the Twins


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The clip searching for the twins from Atonement (2007) with Saoirse Ronan, Harriet Walter

-I've done nothing wrong. -Have you seen the twins recently?
They didn't look very happy last time I saw them, poor little chaps.
You know nothing about it. -Briony. I can't imagine what's got into you.
-I've never known you to be so rude.
Well, they're not poor little chaps.
-Just look what they did to Lola. -What are you talking about?
Jackson and Pierrot bruised her arm. Gave her Chinese burns.
I'm afraid she's quite right. I had to pull them off her.
How I got my war wound.
The twins did that, Lola?
Yes, it all turned into a bit of a wrestle,
I'm afraid. Still, no harm done, eh, Lola?
Would you go and find these boys, please, Briony?
Tell them dinner's ready, and where are their manners?
-Why do I have to go? -Briony, you'll do as you're told,
or you'll go straight to your room.
It's a letter! -Give it to me!
They've run away. Who has?
The twins.
"We are going to run away because Lola is so horrid to us and we want to go home.
-"Also, there wasn't a play." -Don't worry.
We'll send out some search parties. They can't have gone far.
Cee, you come with me.

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