Atonement (2007): the Truth Part 2


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The clip the truth Part 2 from Atonement (2007)

which comes out in a few days to coincide with your birthday.
-It's your twenty-first novel... -It's my last novel.
Oh, really? Are you retiring?
I'm dying.
My doctor tells me I have something called vascular dementia,
which is essentially a continuous series of tiny strokes.
Your brain closes down, gradually you lose words, you lose your memory,
which for a writer is pretty much the point.
So that's why I could finally write the book, I think. I had to.
And why, of course, it's my last novel.
Strangely enough,
it would be just as accurate to call it my first novel.
I wrote several drafts as far back as my time at St Thomas' Hospital during the War.
I just couldn't ever find the way to do it.
Because the novel is autobiographical, is that right?
Yes, entirely. I haven't changed any names, including my own.
And was that the problem?

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