Brick (2005): Laura Explains Her Motives


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The clip laura explains her motives from Brick (2005) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner

Less now than when I didn't trust you before.
Maybe if you can tell me your angle in all this, I could.
Emily tried to get with Brad and I about three months ago.
Three months ago. And you stonewalled her.
Oh, all right. If you've already got the world's address...
Three months ago.
And I liked her, but she wasn't us and it didn't work.
And when she left, she took some souvenirs with her.
Dirty habits she wasn't strong enough to control
and a connection to The Pin to keep them going.
A few months pass, and the next I hear,
The Pin's raging over a certain situation with the junk Em's partial to.
And it's all coming down on her head.
You're saying Em scraped the junk off The Pin?
I don't care how hard she was hooked, I don't buy that.
You weren't there. She wasn't herself. It had dug deep.
It was awful.
And whether she scraped or copped
or just ran her tab around the world and into her own back,
it must've been grand.
I've never seen The Pin so hot.
And when he thought his precious, his bricks of whatever it was,
when one of them was missing,
he scared me.
Why are you telling me all this? What's your play?
You think nobody sees you.
Eating lunch behind the portables.
Loving some girl like she's all there is, anywhere, to you.
I always seen you.
Or maybe I liked Emily.
Maybe I see what you're trying to do for her,
trying to help her,
and I don't know anybody who would do that for me.
Now you are dangerous.

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