Brick (2005): Mysterious Party Invitation


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The clip mysterious party invitation from Brick (2005)

Okay. So... Go. Say your line. Okay.
Go. So I just...
No, he's got to come in first, and then you can say your line.
Yes, hello, ma'am, this is Tom. I'm a friend from school.
Could I speak to...
Oh, sure, Tom. Laura's here. Just a sec.
I'm calling for details. For what?
Details about the party. Who is this?
Or I'll hang up. You don't know me. I'll save you some time.
I know everyone, and I have all the time in the world.
Folly of youth.
Ask whose invitation I've got.
What you said... Emily Kostich.
15 Busch Street, in Stockton Cove. Buzz 42 at the gate.
9:00. But who gave you...

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