Brick (2005): Vp and Brad Reach an Agreement


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The clip vp and brad reach an agreement from Brick (2005) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hold on!
I could write you up for talking back to a VP
and for looking at me in that threatening way.
I would exercise a little tact, Mr. Frye.
You can't pull a stunt like that unless there's something I need you for.
So is there?
Maybe there's something you need from me.
All right, I need you off my back completely for the next few weeks.
There might be some heat soon.
If it's something I can't cover, I won't go to bat for you.
If I get caught like that, it's curtains anyway.
I can't have brass cutting me favors in public.
I'm just letting you know now,
so you don't come kicking in my homeroom door once trouble starts.
Okay. Okay, here's what I can do.
I won't pin you for anything you aren't caught at.
But if anything comes up with your prints on it, I can't help you.
Also, if I get to the bottom of whatever this is,
and it gets too hot, and you don't deliver,
VP's gonna need someone to turn over, police-wise,
I'll have you.
So there better be some meat at the end of this, like you say.
Or at least a fall guy.
Or you're it.

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